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    4. 福州高特光电科技有限公司

      About Us

      Fuzhou Gaote Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. Fuzhou High-Technology Bureau in Fuzhou Jinshan District Business Incubator (Jinshan Development Zone), covers an area of ??1,000 square meters. The company has specialized production equipment and experienced technical team.
      Company is mainly engaged in crystal devices, optical components, precision optics design, production and sales of one-stop service. Crystal products KTP, Nd: YVO4, YVO4, YVO4 Wedge, TGG crystal and other laser and birefringent crystal; optical products are lenses, prisms, wedge angle piece and a variety of wave plate and so on.
      Companies adhere to the "quality, efficiency and service" for business purposes,
      has made widely recognized by domestic and foreign customers. Looking ahead, we will continue to innovate, willing to work with customers to grow, and win-win cooperation, the brilliant future of China's optical field and make unremitting efforts.

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